USING THE SOLAR POWER: A hotel in Thailand installing the solar panels on the roof of the local famous Hotel.

The first solar panels have been installed on the roof, with the hotel on track to switch over to solar electricity by the end of the year, saving more than $0.8million in electric power costs over the next 10 years.

Also this week, the final switchover was made to solar hot water, creating an immediate yearly saving of $28,000.

The Hotel business manager said while the solar electricity and hot water project had been in the planning phase for many months, it was great to see work being completed so quickly.

The $0.4m project will be a great installation of solar hot water and electricity on hotel in Bangkok.

The project will see the installation of 756 individual 246w panels, with a total system size of 324kW, reducing electricity usage by 628,000kWh in the first year.

The solar electricity will generate enough to power about 25% of the hotel's electricity needs.