Butt Welding Technology:

Butt welding is a welding technique used to connect parts which are nearly parallel and don't overlap,also a new step technology for the ends and the body of inner tank,which solve crevice corrosion problem completely.Butt-welding is an economical and reliable way of joining without using additional components.

Usually, a butt-welding joint is made by gradually heating up the two weld ends with a weld plate and then joining them under a specific pressure. 

M&T is the only manufacturer to produce water tank with butt welding technology in China. All the water cylinders are using the butt welding technology.

So, Why do we use this kind of technique? 

Comparing to other types, butt welding  has advantages:

1.Butt welding joint is permanently leakproof and strong.

2.The stainless steel structure of the joints have a good strength in the whole storage tank.

3.The butt welding water cylinders commonly have a smooth surface and longer service life.

4.The butt welding will decrease the pressure losses and turbulence of the storage tank, and protect from the corrosion and erosion to some extent.